Friday, June 27, 2008

It's More Than a Supplement Shop

"Bodybuilding is a way of life... my life.."

You see people everyday going around their life like it's an endless monotonous thing, no wonder they call it "work". But only a few has the passion in what they currently do. It was a long not easy process of having to discover what I really like and love to do in life. But it was all under my nose. I call it before just going to the gym, trying to bulk up and put on some weight since I was a weakling and had the worst self esteem as far as I can recall myself at the time. As I was getting the hang of it, starting to learn everything from scratch, as I was too shy to even ask my gym instructor how to properly do things, I discover how good I really feel each time I go to the gym and how healthy I was. I know having a good physique is just a bonus, although sometimes it feels awkward to look apart differently good from your classmates or friends because you get to be teased everytime, lol, but I was there for the right reasons, I involved myself to love my body more and give it it's due respect and to have the extra energy to do whatever i like to do is such a nice feeling.

Obsession with something helps in fueling your passion. And boy I was obsessed with whatever it is I can to learn about bodybuilding, from new techniques, to new supplements, diet & routine programs, steroids and even hoax discoveries that can give you more muscles than usual. Have researched or have atleast read about it all. Being a naturally cerebro kind of person it is not hard for me to want to learn anything new. But to be honest I may have learned everything but sure haven't tried it all. Because of my passion to learn more and share what I have tremendously learned I had to plan of a much bigger step, something out of my comfort zone -- having to open up my own business. Business is never my cup of tea, don't get me wrong I am not bad with it, just don't feel so comfortable handling with money, i'd rather would want to work in a big company and be a worker under a bossy boss. Bodybuilding is what I like and so with it I have to grow.

I started my own online supplement store with one key difference to any other online shop that sells supplements. We are more than just a supplement shop, I want to empower my clients with the tools they need to achieve their fitness goals or be treated with their health concerns. Being in the bodybuilding/fitness field for several years, we are just the right people who can honestly impart the best knowledge in how to reach your health goals. I do not claim that we are the best but we have the most complete service you can find in any online supplement store in the Philippines to date.

Our Shop --- --- is probably the first in the Philippines to pioneer such website dedicated in direct selling of sports / food supplements that offers clients free tools in reaching their goals by providing free workoutvids, diet and workout programs specific of what they want. We are the pioneer also in giving a one on one chat/email support to clients, who are dying of an honest professional advise as to their program in the aspects of supplementation, diet, workout and lifestyle advise.

More in setting our online shop apart from any other else, we only offer our clients the most diverse and varied supplements that are just right on the budget in every pinoy's list. I have gone to health express, healthy options, Health Shop and GNC they have good products but damn their prices! With everything soaring high looking for a good alternative that can supply you with equally better products/supplements is a rather intelligent choice!

Many online sellers of supplements I know are just concerned with what they can sell and care less on updating you or asking how is your program doing or not even a hint of concern after they make a sale. I know because I was a consumer once.

Me and my business partner always strives to give you that good experience before, during and after making a purchase and you will be astonished how we go beyond in just selling you our products. One thing we ask from our clients is always to update us and we will respond right away.

So if you are in need of a good honest advise, a trusted secured supplement shop, friendly customer service, fast shipping & response, looking for the right tools in reaching your fitness goals, seeking for the right info, then your search is no more we can provide it all!

Please visit our website , choose a product, or if you are confused what best to take for your fitness goals, write us through our website's "contact us" page form and we will respond to you right away. / 0916.276.4300